From Sexy to Funniest Ads for the Super Bowl, Now Family Friendly Ads for Tonight's Game

The Super Bowl XLVII is finally tomorrow. We already published over 20 Super Bowl 2013 ads. This is about a third of all ads that will air tomorrow during the CBS Super Bowl 2013 Ad. Super Bowl ads are often very funny and this year is no exception. There already several 2013 Super Bowl spots that are hilarious and have great punch lines. Some of our picks of the funniest Super Bowl 2013 ads are also sexy, like the Kia or Go Daddy spot.

There are still many more funny Super Bowl 2013 Ads coming tomorrow during the Super Bowl 47 broadcast on CBS, but these funny Super Bowl commercials will get you started.

Check out our Super Bowl 2013 FAQs for all the important information about the Super Bowl 2013.

The Super Bowl 2013 will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2013 in New Orleans. Our traditional Super Bowl Ads for Geeks Guide will again feature full coverage of the Super Bowl Ads ahead and during the Super Bowl XLVII (superbowl 2013).

You will also be able to watch Super Bowl 2013 Ads here as soon as they are revealed. Many Super Bowl 2013 ads will be released well before the Super Bowl game day. See all confirmed Super Bowl 2013 Advertisers and the latest Super Bowl 2013 Ads announcements.


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