TV remains most popular means in digital space: Experts

Istanbul, Nov 7 (IANS) Television will still be the most popular telecommunication means of the digital space in the next five years, according to experts.

Nov 7 2013, 3:29am CST | by IANS

Istanbul, Nov 7 — Television will still be the most popular telecommunication means of the digital space in the next five years, according to experts.

Pay TV will remain as the biggest income generator service, dominating other conventional services and will continue to be the top trend in the digital space, Xinhua quoted Gary Woolf, a specialist at SVP Digital and Business Development, as saying Wednesday.

The specialist made the statement at the two-day Global Webit Congress, known as the telecommunication Olympics, that started in Istanbul with the participation of more than 8,000 attendees from 103 countries.

On the first day of the Congress, business executives shed light on top trends in the digital world while discussing the changing trends in television and online audio and video.

Discussing the future of the media, experts and businessmen agreed that everything must be mobile-enabled. When people check their mobiles 150 times per day on an average, the online video and audio companies should develop their software in a way that all would be compatible for different mobile devices, the panelists said.

At the panel, where the trends in online audio have been discussed, Ali Abhary, CEO of Spectrum Medya, underlined the importance of sound in daily life.

"The music, voices, the cacophony of everyday are the soundtracks of daily life," Abhary said, adding that online audio is taking a more vital place in the digital world. "We now see the companies and brands building their services based on this fundamental factor of our life, that is sound," he said.

Discussing the importance of online video, Nic Jones, senior vice-president of Vevo, said: "We have to discuss the importance of music videos and their tremendous impact on human psychology in order to understand the role of online video. When people listen to the music while watching the videos, they stay tuned three times longer."


Source: IANS


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